Metahuman .5 Eyebrow Issue when streaming in Live Link face data

I am using the new Metahuman .5 and have activated the new hair color option. I am noticing when streaming in face mocap, that the eyebrows (not the expressions) are fluttering wildly. I have checked LOD’s and physics, but when testing this on .5 Metahumans where I have not used the new hair color options, the brows stay put. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Also, this issue is only specific to 4.27. This issue does not occur in 4.26.

I had the same issue. Opening the Eyebrows and under the interpolation settings disable RBF interpolation fixed it for me

Menno! I cannot thank you enough for sharing this! I just tested this out and it worked! Wow! Again, thank you!!!