MetaHuman 0.5.1 Released!

Bring your own digital humans into the world of ‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ with several new lighting scenarios inspired by this technical demo, now available in MetaHuman Creator.

What’s new

  • 3 New Lighting Scenarios:
    • GR22: Rooftop
    • Downtown Night
    • Underpass Night


Ensure to update to the latest Unreal Engine plugin 7.5 within Quixel Bridge when you are ready to export your MetaHuman.


This is so cool! Thanks!

so i posted an issue regarding broken animations…i used an older metahuman export rigged in maya and now my animation exports are broken on the newer MH when imported into UE. See my thread post link.

is there a step i’m missing that fixes this?

the one fix i found, was copying an older MH “commons” folder and replace the newer one. i’m sure there has to be a better way.

i’m working on a short film using MH in ue4.26 thanks!

i’m assuming it’s because i’m using an older MH maya file i downloaded? so the older maya rig no longer matches with the newer MH exports? is there a work around if so? other than copying an older MH common folder…