MetaHuman 0.5.0 Released!

What’s new

  • Hair
    • Increased range of red hues in the hair color selection
    • Ability to dye hair
    • Added LODs for some hairstyles that were missing them
  • UI
    • Added support for color presets when selecting hair, makeup, or clothing colors
    • Sculpt marker appearance updated to be more visible across skintones
    • Renamed ‘Body type’ section to ‘Proportions’ section
  • Head proportions
    • Added ability to decrease and increase head size
  • Lighting Scenarios
    • Added 6 lighting preset scenarios
  • Makeup
    • Added foundation, concealer, and blush options
  • Body Rigs
    • Improvements to hand rigs
    • Added toe rigs to support toe movement
    • Maya source assets updated to reflect latest changes
  • Clothing
    • Skinning updates to shorts
  • Presets
    • Presets updated to utilize latest improvements to body rigs and hair coloring
  • Rigging
    • Added Simple Face Rig
  • Performance
    • Optimizations to shader graph
  • Texture baking
    • When downloading MetaHumans, the texture sets will be baked, allowing for better performance across platforms. This change also enables all MetaHuman textures to be reflected on mobile platforms.
    • The list of baked textures:
      • Head and Chest textures (Normal, Cavity and Base Color) are baked into one texture
      • Follicle mask, Freckles and Skin Accents are baked into Head Base Color
      • Makeup masks are packed into 2 textures across different channels (1. Foundation, Concealer and Blusher; 2. Eye Makeup and Lipstick)
      • All Baked Groom Textures are merged into 2 textures (Attribute map and RootTip Gradient map)
      • Higher LODs have grooms baked into Base Color texture
  • Language Support
    • Added support for Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French, German, and Portuguese
    • Improved localization coverage, as some text was not being localized

Known Issues

  • Export time for MetaHumans has increased by ~10 minutes
  • Flickering hair shadows on some AMD GPUs in UE 4.26 and 4.27 - this will be fixed in UE5.
  • Short Low Ponytail has deformed strands after exporting to UE.
  • Existing MetaHumans may find their hair colour has changed.
  • Some users may see some pixelation on their Metahuman in Creator. In the rare case this occurs, the issue will either resolve itself (as you continue working in Creator) or manually by starting a new session.

Exporting MetaHumans that are already in a level

When exporting characters that are already part of a Level in Unreal Engine (UE), follow the workflow below:

  1. Ensure you have at least version 7.4 of the Unreal Engine Plugin installed within Quixel Bridge.
  2. Export your character from Quixel Bridge to UE.
  3. If the exported character already exists in the Level, you will see the following pop-up message: This character you are trying to import already exists. Please close UE and overwrite the character manually FROM {Source Character File Path} TO: {Destination Character File Path}.
  4. To overwrite the character that already exists in the Level, Close UE, then copy your character’s Assets from the Source Character File Path to the Destination Character File Path (both these file paths are contained in the notification message described in step 2).

Wow Amazing work! I can’t wait to see what all of these changes feel like to use.


This is awesome!! Thank you!! Looking forward to more clothing options


Looks like a great time to finally jump in and explore a bit

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Will we get the option to animate metahumans in Blender in the future please? Easier for me to use my own mo cap data.


can we download animations? I want my metahumans animate in maya like metahuman creator windows

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Love it!

Yes this would be great

Appreciate it!! I would also like to vote for a neck width increase/decrease slider. Now that we can change the head size I find that the neck can look too thick in comparison.


Thanks for the new 1k resolution MH download. Even at 1k they look amazing! and things run smoother in the editor.

how about 8K textrues?

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I’m not 100% sure but I think if you purchase a subscription to Quixel Bridge, it will let you use the MetaHuman rig in blender, so you could then use your mo-cap stuff. Right now if you dont buy a subscription they only let you export to MAYA and Unreal Engine, Sadly.

Head size is working when using the MetaHuman creator, but no changes when exporting the model from bridge to maya/unreal.

tried the same metahuman but with different head size, but in every time, after exporting it from Bridge to Maya/Unreal it is always a default head scale ( 0.00 scale )

Trying to get 0.5.0 meshes into modionbuilder for mocap retarget but they dont have a head…any advice on how to do this? I have tried with the sources asset and well as the combined mesh that are in the maya file…nothing works…Metahuman 0.5.0 to Motionbuilder For Retargeting Workflow Update - YouTube

this was basically made for me but when he tries to import the animation to unreal it doesnt work…check the end of the video…

The way I’ve been doing it lately is to export both the face mesh and body to blender, then use the skeleton of the body for the face and then import the face mesh with the new skeleton from the body back in to unreal, I’ve been using the Mesh Bake plug-in to merge the two meshes. You will need to correct the weights for the head in blender though on the head bone as the front portion of the face was weighted for the. The Mesh Bake plug-in is paid for but you can also just combine the meshes in blender.

I appreciate your explanation, but that’s not really viable for me. I’m using Maya and motionbuilder…not sure why this rwalease has done this to be honest…things are hard enough as it is

Yeah I don’t know why either. Should be able to achieve the same in Maya if not with better results than blender, essentially what you need to do is import both the face and body in to Maya and then delete the face skeleton and then skin the face to the same skeleton as the body, I’m not familiar with Maya but shout work the same.

Seems unnecessary taking into account the previous release :frowning: