MetadataServer / Unreal Game Sync

I got our repo working with Unreal Game Sync, has anyone worked through the process of getting the MetadataServer working with it as well? I have set up the mysql database but there is virtually no documentation beyond that step.

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I agree, I tried to follow along to the documentation, but I don’t really understand how to deploy the metadata server with UGS. I set up IIS, and MySQL, and it’s all running on a Windows Server VM. But when I run it I get a 403 error :person_shrugging:

Have you guys sorted it out?
I’ve been trying to do that too but the documentation seems not good enough…

I was able to get it to work after a lot of struggling. In the Web.Release.config/Web.Debug.config the MySQL connection string ended up having to look like this.

    <add name="ConnectionString"
      xdt:Transform="SetAttributes" xdt:Locator="Match(name)"/>

also this was really helpful for getting IIS and MySql configured MetadataServer · CodewareGames/UnrealGameSync Wiki · GitHub (I think I ended up doing a publish to package and then unzipped the package in the inetpub directory I wanted to host the rest api at)

I apologize for the vagueness I want to do a legit guide on getting this to work but I’m clocked in rn :factory_worker: