Metadata with logical connections to enable LEGO-alike modular blueprint databases?

While this could have gone to Feedback to Epic, I’m diving to Blueprint details enough to figured to post under Blueprints :-). I also checked the Roadmap as well - and couldn’t find anything related to this scope.

So to the key question - I have decent enough experience to design the stuff mentioned below on programming language level - so I try to make sense in more generic fashion on Blueprints:

How would community or EPIC see the Blueprint-designing to evolve into modular fashion? I mean community-shareable, reusable, cross-connectable, LEGO-alike construction.

An example of following:

  • Equipment blueprints to allow character to wear things
  • Energy blueprints, that have batteries and other various physics-based energy consumption calculations
  • Motor/mechanic blueprints would provide the physics movement based on mass and force
  • Extensive material map and recipe blueprints, like Minecraft; consuming matter to produce new

When above blueprints are alone, there’s no practical (or sensible) way to use them in same package.

Enter the metadata + support for modularity:

  • Equipment blueprints would have a way to have “plug-ins” for expanding the equipment with other items
  • Energy blueprints could publish very generic interfaces to expect power in certain forms and to consume power
  • Motor/mechanic blueprints could thus be connected to power sources through consumption calculations => force to give real physics
  • Recipe blueprints could feed all the above with raw-materials to be refined to wearable things, energy cells, “energy conductors”, to turn into real motors and their fuel

If this makes any sense, then to the conclusion point:

  • To be able to pull such a thing off would require Blueprints to be metadata-connectable; in some accessable form
  • The metadata could initially be marketplace-level thing (automatically exposed from the blueprint of course)
  • Optionally if Blueprints were to made XML/JSON importable/exportable/data format, the metadata could be fluently driven from the raw Blueprint also afterwards

There was a thread that already related to this; to have extended metadata on Marketplace to underline the network/multiplayer support in Blueprints. If this was being considered as important requirement, it could be designed with bigger scope in mind with full indextable/connectable metadata like in the imaginary example above.

The current model of Blueprints is quite far towards this based on my initial investigations and tests. The Macro libraries already declare the interface/connection points to the “hosting blueprint” when used. Logically just exposing that connection-point interface in a “searchable” and “pluggable” manner, and manage the asset download/reload should be enough…