[Meta] Where can we view filed bug reports at?

I was told that I can review the filed bug report with this tag number: UE-12426

I have no clue as to what to do with this tag number. Googling around doesn’t take me anywhere. I thought it might be somewhere on GitHub, but I don’t see it anywhere.

What do you do with this? Where is the portal for us to look at bug reports using the tag? And if possible, can we add that portal link to this locked stickied thread so that future users wishing to look at bug reports can freely go there and look at them?

All the UE tickets are on JIRA and AFAIK they are not public so we cant see them. But anyway, wait for one of the Epic staff to reply. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Confirmed bug reports can now be viewed at https://issues.unrealengine.com. The below information is from 2015 and out-of-date.

Hi asperatology,

Ryanjon is correct that there is no public location to check the status of these tickets with that reference number. If you need to check the status this ticket number is that reference and one of the support staff can help.

It looks like this has been tagged as “Cannot Reproduce” and may need further investigation. Also, be aware that there may not be an instant update for the majority of bugs that are entered as well depending on the severity of the bug. Crashes always take priority.

I hope this helps.

Is this still the case in 2020?

I have submitted dozens of bug reports, and got a few of them confirmed (and some even fixed), but it’s so many now that I forgotten if I reported or not.

Is there no place I can get a list of all bug reports submitted by my e-mail and their status?

If you have a # or know what you are looking for you can check https://issues.unrealengine.com/ .