Meta Specifiers Vs. Property Specifiers

When taking a first look at Properties, you come across two kinds of specifiers, regular Property Specifiers and Meta Specifiers. There is an intentional logical disconnect between these two types of markup. I have a theory on why that is-- I am hoping someone from Epic could verify that or correct me if I’m wrong.

My theory is that while Properties and Property Specifies define how data is reflected to UE4’s Property System, UE4’s Meta Data Specifiers markup reflected properties with metadata that is used/read by the Editor. The distance is subtle when looking from the outside but there must be some rational behind the design. Could it be that Properties and Property Specifiers change the way data itself is reflected and accessed by the Property System, altering what Thunks are generated, while Metadata Specifiers just associate that data with markup?

It also appears like the values of Property Specifiers are constant while metadata specifiers can change at runtime, you can use variables in metadata property values, so maybe that’s how the existence of both is explained.