Meta Human Animation Challenge at 11 Second Club

Hey Animators,

Heads up! Starting tomorrow (May 1st) at we (Unreal Online Learning) are sponsoring Meta Human Animation 30-day Challenge. 11 Second Club provides :30 of audio and you create a complete character animation performance based on that clip. (They are also providing an animation-ready Meta Human rig).

Whats ever better? Dell Technologies has stepped up and is adding a Dell Mobile Workstation as the grand prize!!! Plus we are giving away some cool swag bags to the top 10 performances!

So go to and take the challenge (11SecondClub account is required).

There are also some other grand prize eligibility requirements, so be sure to read those.

Good Luck!

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So i am trying to get the docs for the Sequence tut, but after putting in my redemption code, it shows accepted then asked if i want to enter another code. So where are the files?

It will appear in your Epic launcher in the Unreal Engine library

Just thought I’d let folks know about these tutorials that are not linked on the competition page, but might be helpful:

Hi, i don’t know if this goes here but i complete all course and submitt the code, but still my badge don’t show up… need some help


Re-Edit: Fixed the problem, finally the badge show up! thanks :heart: