[Meta] Can we have longer thread titles?

I still feel the forum thread title max limit is too small…


We’ve limited the length of thread titles so that new threads will have succinct topics. The current max length is 85 characters, which we feel is enough to get across most titles fairly well. I’ll talk to Chance about whether or not we want to expand this, but it would help to have an example of a title that needs to be long or another use-case for why the length should be extended, that would help explain the necessity.


The recent Unreal Engine 4 terminology trend I see is that words are now becoming longer. That is what I see, and may not be for others. If this keeps up, thread titles may need to be expanded to allow us to type while also giving a clear concise question about it.

Another example would be us typing in thread prefixes, such as [Meta], [Nominations], [Announcement], or [MassDigi Contest], prefixes where it may be reasonable to have two words to describe what the thread is mostly about.

If we’re actually going to increase it. I could see two options:

 1. Have it up to 100 characters. This will allow words like, [Announcement], [GlobalNews], etc., to be placed in the thread title, and allows easy-to-read categorization of threads.
 2. Have it like Twitter, imposing the limit to 140 characters. And then thread prefixes, thread suffixes, main points in titles (where there's a semi-colon in between "Point A; Point B"), are allowed and have more freedom in expressing the actual main point in topic.

I see, fair points for sure. Let’s try your first suggestion for now. I bumped it up to 100, so hopefully that will alleviate things a bit with 15 more characters.

If that ends up not being enough, then we may have to come up with some practices for better titles.