Messed up UVs in UE4

Hello guys , Can someone tell me what is the problem here … why it’s acting this way ?!
I looks Fine in 3D max tilled at 4 … Knowing that i am also using texture coordinates node with tilling value of 4 .

Seems pretty strange.
Maybe your lightmap and texture UV’s have been switched?

I would add UVW clear set to channel 1 and another set to channel 2

Just to make sure the uvs are clear.

then unwrap uvw again to 4x tiling and export and see.

it looks to me as if what you are seeing in max… is not what you are acutally exporting…

sounds simple but trust me here from years of experience ******** this stuff up i can usually fix any issues now.

I did exactly what you said … i added clear UV to both channel 1 and 2 … and made new unwrap . exported FBX 2013 … and still the same problem .
here is a screen shot from UE4 that shows my UVs are exported fine … Dunno what is wrong here …

Is it triangulated on import? Maybe try triangulate inside max and remove unecessary edges.

Oh that’s what was missing , my mesh was all quads … i selected all vertices > Hit connect and all triangulated > exported > now all looks fine :slight_smile:
Thank you RAMDAC

bam… good to know.

Great job RAMDAC

someone else was having the same problem somewhere