Message to the marketplace content creators

If you’re planning to sell your content on marketplace, please PLEASE make sure it’s well organized.
I just had to waste an entire work day to fix materials from a pack we bought, here’s how it looked

This is just not a material to hand over to someone, and expect them to understand wtf is happening.
There surely needs to be some kind of quality check made by Epic or the community before one’s able to sell this ****.

btw, here’s how it looks now.


Material sellers doesn’t like to use Material Functions; they most likely are always going to do everything on a single graph, proly because they come from written HLSL shaders authoring…

hahaha, and this example is an organized one compared to what i have had to redo. This is why my lead programmer doesn’t allow me to play in the marketplace.

Do you have a profile image where you see the extra work to make the material worth in milliseconds?

First one looks pretty organized to me. :slight_smile:
If I remember correctly, packing landscape mat entirely into material functions used to have several negative aspects in earlier engine versions.

Haha :slight_smile: then you want to see my character event graph :smiley: its 10x more unorganised. Btw good work however i personally like that first unorganised mat graph…
In my game i used maybe 2 functions… all stuff i have in event graphs… its just better for me moving in one graph than clicking more bookmarks because then im lost where is what connected… so i think it depends…

Only if your wearing beer goggles

first one is good, everything is labeled.

Nonsense, it might be labeled, but it is completely impossible to understand the flow of data if you have a huge maze of lines like that.

This. As someone who isn’t a strict (blueprint) dev, this is an absolute horror to look at. Seriously, if this was a screenshot on the marketplace page, I would definitely not buy it.

And this is generally a huge problem on the marketplace, I spend literally hundreds of dollars on the marketplace and almost half of all the assets I bought are of such subpar quality when it comes to organization, clarity and documentation, that they are just useless.

Please please understand, when you create stuff for the marketplace, that the people who buy it are not in your shoes and therefore don’t simply “get it” what may seem logical to youself.

Also, usually people buy the assets they have no time to create themselves, if you then have to spend time correcting the assets, it kinda defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place.

Yes, this is so true. I wish there was a real refund option like on Steam. Honestly I feel cheated by Epic for allowing such bad quality assets into their marketplace.