message to moderators

While we as a community all appreciate your due diligence in upholding a clean respectable and professional environment here it would be ideal to simply inform a member before or after as to why their post were deleted. This used be seen as common courtesy if forum moderation. I’m always open to learning from any post guideline mistakes that might have been made so simply deleting without any explanations as to why shows a lack of care for community efforts.

Hopefully you wont be facetious and delete this post as well.
Thank you!

Yes, I’ve noticed topics deleted without warning…
I thought this was 'murica

They are very thorough here which is good given the size and activity of this community but there seems to be a lack of patients becoming rather apparent in moderation.

Can you please let us know which section it was in and what the title was? We will let you know if we purposefully delete a post so it’s most likely the forum bug that’s been plaguing us lately where threads end up on the last page of the forum section they were posted to. If that is what happened you can send it back up to the top by bumping the thread.

I’ll take a look to make sure your recent posts are still visible, if anyone else has one they would like to have looked into, please post here as well.

Apologies for the late reply, somehow I missed this thread.



Looks like the thread in question was posted into the wrong section but got deleted rather than moved by mistake. I have fixed that now and your post is back up in the Job Offerings section (it was posted to the Got Skills- Looking for Talent section which is no longer in use, the 2 subforums are where threads should be posted). Sorry for the confusion. Here’s a link to your thread:…le-racing-game

Thank you so much for resolving this and reviving my original post! Its good to know there are still great moderators keeping this community afloat!