Message to epic (Unreal Tournament development)

I am really suprised to see this, from all community events, and bans people recieved on forums including myself… I don’t understand why epic needs more people for this project:

Can someone high admin explain to me, whats the deal? I am really dissapointed in current development of game, I thought epic will eventually I mean, some boss CO, or someone like hmm mr Tim khmm Sweeny, do something about this.
The game development is to slow, and basic tasks are dificult for small team that works on ut. I appriciate everything they have done, but don’t you think its time you move some people and make this main project for atleast until december.

Cause community isn’t that happy about this, including me. And we who complained mostly got banned for being rude, or swearing at developer with reason. We don’t need hats and ridicilous items to collect, we want Unreal Tournament they way it should be.

So I hope you will explain to me whats going on. Cause I know Epic Games is huge company, or atleast I thought so?

Perhaps this is the wrong forum for this?
Your post seems to be about Unreal Tournament but this is the Unreal Engine forum.

I don’t think so, since it involves job offer? I am curios why? As you can see in my first post, thank you :).

Hey Bass3,

This may not be the best forum for asking about UT, as we don’t have anyone on that team here. You can try contacting the account support team about your ban and what would be the correct course of action there.

As for the job offer, I’m not sure what you’re exactly asking. Can you clarify your question?

I guess I’m confused by these statements

Are you asking why we don’t have more people on the team or less?

The job offer stands because they want to increase the size of the team to dedicate more resources to improving and building UT.

If that wasn’t the answer you were looking for, maybe you could let me know if I missed something. I may not have UT specific answers, but I can generally speak about game development as a whole.

Thank you alexander, I did watch your engine live streams, and I think most of them are pointless, unless you have huge Engine update incoming. You are having 2x of them every week, and most of them are some minor changes in engine and some contests, which could easly be transfered to UT. You can say, unreal tournament needs help from community, and repopen trello board and monthly who made most contribution can have some prizes, if team is small. But question is why is it small?

Also i saw this “*Last edited by Stephen Ellis; 08-16-2016 at 01:23 PM. *”, which made me really angry, I don’t understand why an admin edits my post? If I don’t speak fluid English, since I am from Croatia, that doesn’t give you rights to edit my post. And correct or delete certain parts of it.

My question was: Why does a huge company like Epic Games need more men to work on new Unreal Tournament release?. How much workers including you, who does nothing but making 2 weekly engine streams, and talks for 20 minutes have nothing better to do, then help in development of UT.
Game is dying, people are not satisfied. And instead you are making Job Offer, by I don’t know who approved it, but I think a game being in prealpha mode for 2.5 years is huge, compared in how much it took for ut99 or other epic games, like GOW being made.
Are you only focusing on Engine right know?

I saw chinese bought 40% of your company, what are they doing to contribute?
Where is Mark Reign and Tim Sweeny in this project. I think Unreal Tournament is something that represents Unreal Engine, and it should come to its glory. Game is full of bugs, and not playable or enjoyable for anyone at this point.

Get to your feet and start realise that you don’t need more men for the game, you have whole community built here in unreal engine forums that can help development, and you can monthly/weekly award anyone who contributes, and eventually they can become developers in epic games. Maybe this is a chance for developers to prove them selfs?

I hope you understood my question this time.

Nothing has been deleted or edited, just “Unreal Tournament development” tag has been added to the thread name to clarify what this post is about.

Just a note to people who are looking for help and/or constructive discussion on these forums.
It doesn’t help to call what someone does pointless.

Second, you should be happy that they are hiring for a position on a game you want to see improved. With the additional people it will help development. They cannot just arbitrarily transfer people away from UE to work on UT as people are already situated in the teams they want to be on.

Depending on how motivated you are you could even help boost development yourself!

Just like UE4 itself, UT has source code access for those that want to make improvements to the engine or even make content.

Hi bass3

As zeOrb said, I did not modify any of the content of your post. I only added more clarity to the title.


Just a heads-up to everyone. It is ok to criticize anything of ours, streams included.

I have banned bass3 as he began harassing our developers across multiple channels and is now no longer allowed to use any of Epic’s forums. I’ll be locking this post since it’s not helpful and just distracting from UE4 development. If anyone has any concerns, please PM me.