Message System

Hey Guys,

I want to use the Unreal Message System to send and receive my own events. All I found so far was the API docs about the IMessageBus class.
Is there already some instance of this class, which I can acces during runtime to register my onw events or do I have to setup everything by myself?
Anyone used the messaging system so far?


IMessageBus is just an interface. FMessageBus is the actual implementation, but you shouldn’t need to access it directly unless you want to create multiple message buses for some reason. (You probably don’t.)

The message system is in a separate module, which you can obtain by calling IMessagingModule::Get(). That module lets you manage messages buses, and incidentally lets you obtain the “main” one through GetDefaultBus():


Hey man,

unfortunatly your piece of code is not working for me. I am using 4.7 now and somehow I cant really figure out how to access the messagebus.
Would be awesome if someone could provide a small example how to register and publish one message.