Message log notifications not fading away

Hello everyone,

Since I’m using UE 4.26 version, my message log notifications are not fading away automatically anymore (so they are accumulating if I’m not dismissing them myself).

I tried to find the solution in the project settings or editor preferences but in vain.

Does anybody know if it’s a bug on my side or something else ?

Thank you in advance for your help !



I tried reinstalling the 4.26 version and on a new fresh project but still the same problem.

Anyone has an idea ?

Hello all,

I tried reinstalling the 4.26 version and with a fresh project but I still have the same problem.

Anyone ?

Hello everyone,

Apparently, this is the normal behavior as for 4.26 (got the answer on the forum).

Therefore, I marke this as resolved !


This is “resolved”? What a joke.