Meshes that are no longer attached continue generate collision where they used to be

This is a weird one.

I’m trying to setup this simple AI Enemy which is a flying acorn:


When I kill this enemy, I want its body and wings to fly into different directions, so I call Detach From Component on the wings and set them to simulate physics, and the body falls down too. The problem is, the body’s collision continues acting as if the wings were still attached to it:


I tried moving the wings and changing their scale, but it’s still the same: the places where the wings used to be (at the moment of death) continue having this phantom collision for some reason, even though the collision boxes of the wings are attached to the wings wherever they fly to.

Why could this be happening?

Thank you!

P.S. I tried setting the wings to block pawn, and they do block the character, but if I set the view mode to Player Collision, there’s nothing there, and no hit events are generated when player collides with it.