Meshes texturing inside ue4

Is it possible to texture custom created meshes using blender inside UE4 using materials?

No, you always have to uv map your mesh in a 3d program to get a good result :slight_smile:

Are there any good tutorials for it. I’ve been searching online for days now and even though I’ve found some good tutorials I still have many more question that are left unanswered because all the tutorials I’ve found are done on simple objects.

Is it ok to have multiple UV maps for a mesh or do I have to combine all objects to one?

Which 3d program do you use? Then I can post you a tutorial :slight_smile:

I’m using Blender since its free and this is the object I’m trying to texture.

I’m kind of lost on how to mark seams properly.

You can have multible UV maps, but the 2nd uv channel should be free for the lightmap :slight_smile:
This video series should explain you the basics:

Thanks for all the help I’ll look into these :slight_smile:

I’ve also realized that I can select faces in the mesh I’m trying to edit unwrap them and then move them on the UV image and proceed on to the next set of faces. I only hope it will work because if it does than my job will be a lot easier.