Meshes, Textures and Particle after Map cooking gone


i got a issue with the stuff in the title and i don’t know how to solve it.

When i add Structures/Meshes to the map from the dev kit lib, they’are gone after cooking.
The same when i change a textures from a rock, after the cooking the standart is back.
Finally some particles (glow bugs) are gone after cooking.

What am i doing wrong? Did i forget something?


Can’t tell you if you forgot something because we don’t know what you did except make changes which is fairly obvious. To me it sounds like a situation where you made a child of something and variables are reverting to the values of the parent variables, since that’s what children do.

I did nothing spectacular. For the structures/meshes they’re gone after cooking e.g. i add a ruin structure to my map, which is already in the dev kit. In the dev kit everything looks fine and also after pressing the play button, the ruin is still there, but not after the cooking and testing in ARK. About the texture e.g. i’m using the cliff rock 2, change the texture to a moos one and again in the dev kit averthing is fine, after cooking back to the normal.
Aboout the particle like glowbugs, well i don’t know add them to the map place them where i want, but they’re no there in the dev kit after pressing play.

I really don’t know what i’m doing wrong.