Meshes shake when player backs up

Old Project


New project


For some reason only in this project does this happen i’m not sure what I did so I don’t really know how to recreate it.

Do you mean the headshake while walking?

As you can see from the gif there is head shake as you walk forward but everything vibrates as you walk backwards far worse then just simple handshake as should be evident. Also this only happens in this project.

For me it looks like motion blur, which is just more visible when you are close to the mesh… or I don’t get what you mean :smiley:

blur or vibration it doesn’t happen in any of my other projects and only when the player is moving backwards. I just opened one and did the same thing I did in the gif and other than the head bob which is expected I dont get the blur/vibration/shake I get in that one. Maybe if I slowed down the gif and reposted it maybe might make it more evident.

Edit: decided to try and post back to backs of the old project and new one hope that gives a clearer definition of the shaking I am getting in the new project when the player backs up.

The camera setup

Looks like you have some headbob implementation issue. Check your logic that controls CameraShake (if you even using one).

I think it’s because you’re not using control rotation ( which is how the default pawn TP works ).

Ok now its clearer for me! Do you have networking in your project (because your comments say something about client & server)? If thats the case, it could be some kind of inter/extrapolation issue.

yes networking is implimented in both projects I tried to copy from the old project 1 to 1 the setup I had but obviously something went wrong. This has been happening since I started this project and figured I would just fix it later. Well now I am getting to adding models and meshes and figured this was that time. I have no code to handle head bob or anything the setup for the camera (which is posted below) is just attached to the head socket of the player mesh and uses its control rotation.

Sorry mate but in the snapshot there (use pawn control rotation) is checked.

nope no camera shake logic or anything the head bob comes from being attached to the player characters mesh head socket and using its animation.

Can you please try it without networking? So just a single client without any replication? Just to be sure, that it’s no lag or some wrong client side location predictions or what ever

Ok so I started a fresh brand new third person project. Did the normal attach the camera to the mesh set the parent socket to the head and checked use pawn control rotation. Then checked use controller rotation yaw in the class defaults.

Test 1: One player in viewport got real close to the spinning documentation actor and backed up. Did that a few times it is very slight but it still happens and you have to get fairly close before backing up to make it happen.

Test 2: Two player (PIE) the server same results as the first test very slight if not at all. The client however has the massive shaking you see in the gif of the original post if not worse.

The only difference between a fresh new project and the one I am working on is that it uses the get control rotation and brakes the rotator to get the z(yaw) rotator to get the forward and right vector. Were as in the project I am working on I changed this to simply get actor forward vector and get actor right vector. Either method same results however.

AHAA I figured it out so for some reason this is on by default I honestly dont know what its for but it fixed my problem. Under the Character Movement (inherited) The sub category Character Movement (Rotation Settings) there is a check box for Orient Rotation to Movement checked on in new projects. If you check this off it eliminates the shaking no matter how you move. With that I will say this is answered but as a side note if someone wants to let others know who find themselves here what this check box is for.

Thank every who posted for the help.

You’re a beast mate thanks