Meshes on 3D Text actor move back when rendering

So I made a 3D text actor and placed it into my scene and gave it a neon sign look. Moved the letters independently to desired postions but when I render it out they all are in their “0 position” all back together like I never moved anything. The camera viewport show them where I placed them. However the tender does not translate that

Hi Carefreetank, Welcome to the Forums,

I was able to reproduce what you’re describing:

Using 5.1.0
Enable Text 3D plugin
Place 3D text actor into scene
Important bit: Select the Text3DActor and move the ‘StaticMeshComponents’ to new locations/rotations (a component is created for each letter)

Simulate / Play in Editor / (or Setup sequencer + Render a video)

Result: Modified letter positions do not persist.

You’ll also notice that the positions are reset when changing any of the settings. (So my guess is that something is happening in the C++ construction script related to generation of these letter meshes that discards/resets component position)

Solution: Select the 3d Text actor, On the top menu click Actor → Merge Actors → Merge. This will bake out 1 mesh with letters in their modified locations.