Meshes - Multiple meshes (buildings) & How to create specific meshes

  1. Is it better to have multiple meshes for buildings or one large mesh building? Also can you combine two meshes into one building later on?

  2. I was hoping to find something that allowed me to draw points as many of the meshes don’t seem to surround the building correctly. What is the best way to create a custom collision for a mesh piece?


On the top the mesh it doesn’t wrap with 26DOP and on the bottom since it’s hollow it won’t allow you to build into it without something colliding.

Trying to figure out if I can export a mesh from UE4 to Blender then back to UE4 again.

https://wiki.unrealengine/Static_Mesh_from_Blender - Is there anything wrong with exporting from UE4 where I created the mesh than back into UE4 again after I made it?

  1. Here are some good ways to create a collision:

Yep, thats possible and shouldnt cause any problems -> right click onto your mesh in the UE4 -> export

Thanks, I haven’t gotten into the tutorials yet. I was hoping not to lose anything doing it twice. Figured get a quick response though as I am just building for now.

Also do you have any idea on building multiple meshes that create a building or just one mesh that is a building and has smaller meshes (only ones that move) or would this not matter really?

You could use modular building -> https://www.3dmotive/f101001 (unfortunately I cant find something about the UE4 and modular building) or just create the whole building and then add the props (table, lights,…) in the UE4 (that’s how my team and I build our houses, except of the castle, there we use different parts so that we can get a high vaariation)

Thanks for the fast response and the help.

  1. I was confusing myself on this. I’m a very visual person and “Complex as simple” fixed it and made it perfect on both the top and bottom from what I can tell. The only thing is it didn’t show the box around it, so it confused me a bit. Stupid mistake on my part.

  2. I guess if it wouldn’t cause that many problems then. I did this for some detailing already. For some reason I just felt this might cause problems in terms of rendering especially if pieces overlap.

1 just confused me and I’ll research the second one (play around with it to looks simple from what I can tell). Just legos, but getting them to all work together might be a challenge.