Meshes into the same place?

Is there a way to get imported meshes end up in the same spot there where in the 3D application? F.eks I import walls, then floor. Would be nice if the floor just pops into space?
I hope this make sense.


It depends on what tool you’re using, with 3ds Max there’s some tools to allow you to do that if you search this section of the forum:

There might be something for Maya out there, but it’s also possible to make a tool for it if there isn’t one. When you copy an object in UE4, it copies to a text format, you can paste that to Notepad to then study it and see what format it is in, and then maybe make a script to copy the object positions to the same format. After that, as long as the object is in the content browser, you could just paste it in to the same position as your 3D program.

There’s also the .t3d format that can save object locations, if you can find a tool that can export to that.

Alternately, if you don’t care about performance, you can export everything where they are positioned–they will import to UE4 with their origins at 0,0,0 and then you can just place them at 0,0,0 in the level and they should end up in the same position. The problem there though, is that if you have multiple copies of the same object then it has unique copies of that object so you loose performance on memory. Normally you an take an object from the content browser and place many copies of it but it only keeps one in memory since they are all the same.

Nope. Each mesh object assumes the 3D application origin as mesh pivot. You have to build your level inside UE4.
PS: You could of course write a MAX script (if you are using 3DSMax) which moves your walls to the origin and exports it and moves it back.
This way you can leave the placement in Max intact.

hmm…sorry I did not mention what software I use. I use Blender. I find out that when I put a imported mesh into the scene, the snapping works quite okay. Thanks for the feedback guys.