MeshBake - A Mesh Merging & Material Baking Plugin for Skeletal & Static Meshes

Available on the Unreal Marketplace

MeshBake is an Unreal Engine C++ plugin that allows in-editor baking and merging of mesh materials and sections. It can be used with both Skeletal and Static meshes and can be run from either the content browser or the level editor.


  • Bake and merge materials for both Skeletal and Static meshes
  • Merge separate mesh assets or components together (…while also baking them)
  • Can be run directly from content browser or on components in the level editor (PIE)
  • SkeletalMesh skinning is preserved
  • SkeletalMesh bones, sockets, and skeleton are preserved
  • Auto-Merge/Baking mode based on shading model type
  • Manual Merge/Baking mode based on manually defined input/output section map
  • Exclude mesh sections from being baked (excluded sections are copied and use the source mesh UVs)
  • Remove mesh sections from output mesh
  • In-Editor plugin, no importing/exporting of assets required

Configurable options:

  • Bake in mesh component rotation and scaling
  • Bake SkeletalMesh bone transforms into mesh from animations or from the mesh editor window
  • Bake vertex colors
  • Transfer vertex colors
  • Copy or create physics asset
  • Transfer clothing
  • Recreate clothing sections to preserve cloth physics
  • Remove opacity masked out polygons from mesh that are masked out in the source material
  • Discard or keep source mesh UV map

Demonstration Overview:

Using MeshBake to reduce drawcall count for 192 skeletal meshes from 7700 to 1000:

Merging modular SkeletalMesh components together, while also baking and merging their materials:

More Info:




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Can it work at runtime?

It is editor-only at the moment. Runtime baking would require significant changes.

Hi, Just saw your MeshBake toolo in the market. Can i use this to bake my materials in my static mesh (house to get rid of all the material slots and end up with one metarial?
I use the Datasmith importer for Sketchup that does a great job but lots of material slots. In UE4 i use my own master matarial (Albedo, Edge, Normal, Smoothness, AO) on all materials of the model and the result is great but in the end i’d like to bake it all in the mesh (Sketchup can’t do that) for better performance. I’d like to know befor buying. Thank you for bringing this product to the marketplace! Willem Buiting.

The transparent channel cannot be baked!
The baked transparent texture is an all-white texture, which is different from the original texture. Is there a solution?

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Can I bake the texture to my second UV episode?