Mesh to Metahuman R&D - Abraham Lincoln

So, I was exploring the Mesh to MetaHuman plugin, and had the idea to recreate a historical character. I found a face scan of Abraham Lincoln in the Smithsonian 3D model library. It was surprising how well the plugin handled such an unusual source mesh. I had to disable the eye tracking though due to the weird eye sockets in the mask.
In a second step, I did some detail work on the head mesh using the Mesh Morpher plugin, and then adjusted the textures and created a custom beard groom asset…

This is the 3D scan from the Smithsonian:

Result of the Mesh2MH plugin:

Additional modifications:

Final result:

Will try to create some clothes for him as well…
In any case, I think the new Plugin is really a game changer to create unique high quality characters!

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it looks great.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is awesome! I am interested to see what he looks like with clothes in the next iteration! Do you have any plans for creating additional historical figures?

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Thanks mate! :slight_smile:
Check out my Artstation for a clothed version of Lincoln and other work: ArtStation - Realtime GraphX
Or Instagram: @realtimegraphx