Mesh that is assigned as scene root is scaled up

I am trying to make a projectile that will be thrown (like a grenade) when pushed a button. There is only one problem. I am doing it with projectile movement component and that makes the projectile go through everything with a default scene root. So I assigned the mesh as the scene root and it worked. It started to bounce. But it evolved to a pilates ball from a tennis ball. How can I make it both bounce and stay in the same size.

In case that someone else will get the same problem I am writing the solution. I was using make transform to spawn the actor near my character. I plugged location and rotation but not scale. So it was at default which 1 1 1. The size of my mesh was .3 .3 .3 so it was being spawned in a huge scale. Just changed it with .3 .3 .3 and it worked.