Mesh substract

How can I do dynamic mesh susbtract like Wild Ones explode system??

This can be helpful. Worms developer briefly explained how it was done in their game with 2d and 3d graphics.

And there are a bit more details about how it’s done terrain - Implementing a 2D destructible landscape (like Worms) - Game Development Stack Exchange

isnt any solver? bec I tried them but half didnt worked, another half veery complicated.

I don’t think so.
I believe it’s a pretty complicated mechanic for 3d game engine.
If you manage to do this you should create a tutorial!

so If I try to do it in 2d tile maps, How can I “get” ‘which tile map’s square hitted?’

I think by using some reference points in the game world.
Two points should be enough in opposite corners of the map. When you get hit you calculate how far your hit was from both points in percentage for the X and Y axes. If its on 1st reference point that’s 0% and on 2d then its 100%
Then using this percentage you can transfer the hit point on your tile map.