Mesh Socket Help.

I was following the tutorial on how to use sockets , but for some reason it’s not working the same way. The documents say the socketed object/particle should snap to it’s position on the socket, but on my project it just becomes a child of the socker owner. Am i missing something?

You have to reset the transform of your door :slight_smile:

You mean the rotation, location & scale? If so how are they connected to a socket?

Yup, the transform of your door is relative to the transform of the parent, in your case the door frame, so if your door has say a location of 100, 0, 0, the door is gonna be offset by 100 unit in the X relative to the door :slight_smile:

I got it, finally. A bit delayed, but thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Had the same problem.