Mesh smoothing in Unreal?

Hi, we’re importing arch vis assets from ArchiCAD, which has very limited FBX export options. It seems that all smoothed objects lose their smoothing data during export and look very facetted in Unreal. Is there any way to edit smoothing or re-apply it in Unreal?

Did you import the normals along with the mesh? 1.3 - Import Normals | Unreal Engine Documentation

I think I had it set to import, yet the FBX didn’t contain any normal or tangent data. I don’t want to compute on import (as it might apply weird rounding to a lot of very angular architectural elements), but it would be handy to then compute the normals once imported on a few selected meshes…

I’ve reimported a second version of the mesh with the normals set to compute, but they still don’t smooth how I’d like (cylinders and spheres still look facetted). Is there any way to tweak this in Unreal at all?!