Mesh rotation issues during replays

Hey guys.
I’m trying to get replays to work with our multiplayer TPS game for several days. Everything is fine except for one thing.

All player controlled characters DO NOT visually rotate during replays.

We’re using default UCharacterMovementComponent with some slight modifications to replicate actor rotation. Also for all player controlled characters bOrientToMovement flag is disabled. However bots are moving using MoveTo function with bOrientToMovement flag enabled.

I figured out that CapsuleComponents are being rotated just fine during replays. The problem is that meshes keep facing initial rotation all the time.

It is strange that bots’ visuals are ok. Maybe it has something to do with bOrientToMovement being turned on on bots.

I have a suspicion that some of the movement locks can be working incorrectly in replays:

const FScopedPreventAttachedComponentMove PreventMeshMove(CharacterOwner->GetMesh());

You can see those in UCharacterMovementComponent. I could be wrong though…

Can anybody help with this issue? Thanks.