Mesh Render Component

Hi there.

It’d be great if there was a RenderComponent, that automatically renders a mesh to a Texture/Material.
At the moment, you need a physical Actor with a RenderComponent and also need to struggle with Chroma Keying and placing it in the world where no one can see it and multiple of them don’t overlap… It would be much better if you could say “Render this to a texture” or “Render this on top of the Screen”.
What I could think of would be a separate UIWidget, where you can specify Angle, FOV etc or setup a miniature viewport within this Widget, so you can adjust Lighting for this.

Even in PS1 days games managed to draw raw 3D Objects on top of the main screen:


If i have understood something like this:
but with better performaces and less aliasing


Edit: already in progress?