Mesh position changes when finish climbing wth

Hello everyone, i wonder if someone can help me. I’m rather a begginer in ue4 and i’m having some problems in the ledge climbing system, so here is the problem:

The first one is that i can rotate the character while grabbing the ledge. As i though it has something to do with the Camera Spring arm settings, but how can i still let this kind of camera mode able as default and make the character stop rotating while grabbing? Is it possible to change it somehow so you can only move the character camera and don’t make him rotate JUST WHILE under ledge actions?

Second is that after i press the buttom to make the character go up the ledge, he does the animation and keep steady as if it was laying down, still with all default walking/running animations. My guess is it has something to do with the Capsule rotation while the animation is going, but seriously i tried everything to make it back to the original position and nothing!

So, here is my current settings of the character BP, so you guys can see what i have done to make the commands usable. Please, anyone? I’m stuck in this for hours alredy :frowning: