Mesh physics simulation does not work

I have a modular character who, when dying, I turn on a physics simulation. And only Mesh itself works correctly, the rest of the character fails.


I tried to include physics simulation for all meshes. It did not help

If you are only turning on physics simulation on the mesh, then only the mesh will have physics simulation turned on.

@EvilCleric, I have already tried to include, my character falls apart from the head. And I have animation playing back. How can I fix this?

I don’t understand why you are using physic blend weight with a value of 2. It is meant from what I know to use values beetween 0 and 1, and again if 1 the node itself is useless (set all body simulate physics already is 1, full physics).

Also are you using master pose component?

… the rest of the character fails

Meaning … what? No physics?

What exactly is “works correctly”?