Mesh Offset From Root Component

Hello everyone,

I have a USceneCompoent* set as my RootComponent on my actor and then a UStaticMeshCompoent attatched to with SetupAttachment(); However when I make a blueprint and drag it into the level, the RootComponent goes to where I move it in the level but the attached static mesh just goes to and stays at world origin (0,0,0), can someone help?


UPROPERTY(VisibleAnywhere, Category = "Mesh")
	class UStaticMeshComponent* BuildMesh;

	UPROPERTY(VisibleAnywhere, Category = "Scene Root")
	class USceneComponent* SceneRoot;

CPP constructor

	PrimaryActorTick.bCanEverTick = true;

	SceneRoot = CreateDefaultSubobject<USceneComponent>(TEXT("Scene Root"));

	BuildMesh = CreateDefaultSubobject<UStaticMeshComponent>(TEXT("Build Mesh"));

Hi, you may need to set the Mobility on the StaticMeshComponent to movableā€¦