Mesh/Object editor in game.

I created a mesh editor and I’m wondering if their is enough interest in it for me to bother packaging it as a plugin.

Basically the mesh editor allows one to build meshes out of vertex’s in game just as in a modelling application such as blender. It also has the ability to scan a static mesh and convert it to a dynamic mesh that can be modified as simply as it is in your 3D modelling application.

General features:
Move, Delete, Split, Add, Merge vertices.
Move, Delete, Subdivide, Make faces.
Modifiers(ie, Noise/Displacements)
Move along axis.
Subdivide mesh.
Explode mesh.
Convert static to procedural mesh.

Brush sculpting features:
Box brush, Sphere brush.

I would most certainly use this.

Without a shadow of a doubt, yes. I would use the heck out of this.

This would be awesome.

A video showing the features would be great.

Pertinent to the other mesh editing solution that appeared in the marketplace thread, would meshes used in this editor be able to be converted to static, to allow for static lightmapping?

They can in fact, thats why I created it so I could make meshes in runtime and send as static mesh to another instance of the runtime.

Sure, I’ll have that up ASAP(~24hrs’ish)

Fantastic, yeah, definitely count me in for this, then!

So it works fine for my project at the moment, and the UI is very specific to my game but I will make a UI for general purpose editing, such as switching between brushes and brush properties.

In the video I’m showing a simple sphere brush influencing my mesh and by clicking X,Y or Z it allows me to move the vertices along the X/Y/Z axis. I also show vertices and face deletion.

Eventually before I release it I will also add noise displacement. The vertices can even optionally have separate physics from the mesh.

Anybody know how display the video in the post?