Mesh not generating collisions/hit events

Hi all.

I have been using the Projectile BP from the First Person example project and it’s been working fine. I have now removed the ball and spherical collision volume and replaced it with a custom projectile mesh using Complex Collision as Simple. I have also set the collision settings to be the same as the old collision sphere. My problem is my new mesh is no longer generating hit events or interacting with the environment in any way.

Here are my settings:

Mesh with Complex Collision as Simple:

Blueprint mesh settings:

Blueprint component settings:

Does anyone have any ideas why the mesh is no longer generating Hit events?I have tried several different combinations of collision settings but nothing seems to be working. Any help would be amazing with this one.

Hi MacroPolo,

Can you show me your blueprint setup for overlaps and/or hit events? Additionally, do the actors your projectile is interacting with have generate hit/overlap events in their collision settings set to true?

Hi , thanks for responding. I may be misunderstanding your question however my second image contains the collision settings for the mesh in the Blueprint. The meshes that the projectile should be interacting with all have the PhysicsBody collision preset however generate overlap is not enabled. I turned this on but the projectile still goes straight through.

I re-added a spherical collision component in the BP and set the mesh as a child and collisions work correctly again. I’m wondering if the collision mesh on the bullet itself is not applying correctly somehow. As a test I turned off complex as simple and added a auto-collision however that seemed to prevent the bullet from even spawning.

HI macropolo.
there doesn t seem to be any collision primitive in your static mesh. did you tried adding one?
and you are in query only , try using both query and physics (depends on what you want to achieve here)

What I mean is when another actor is hit by your projectile, it should have Generates Hit Events active as well. However, if this is working when you add another collision sphere, I believe expose has the correct answer below. Try changing your Collision Enabled dropdown from Query Only to Query and Physics. See if this makes a difference in your projectile’s collision/generate hit events.