Mesh messed up during animation. Transform different from original

Whats happening to my mesh and how can I stop it from happening.

I get this message after importing my animations:
“Warning Imported bone transform is different from original. Please check Output Log to see detail of error.”

This is whats happening(notice the characters left arm):

I’m working in blender. I export the skeletal mesh first at 100 times the size then export the animations at the default 1 scale and then on import I set the scale to 100. I do this so its the right size in UE4. I checked the output log but its a giant list of bones and their transforms.

I don’t understand why transforms would be different when the only difference is how the scale is handled (setting to 100 in blender for skeleton and 100 on import in UE4 but thats the only way to get animations to the right scale)

When I check the rig while the animation is playing the bones in the arm look fine. I can’t see anything weird happening.

Hey dont know if this is the cause, but I had a similar issue when I was using a IK rig in blender and I applied scale and rotation on it it would no longer import into UE4 without an error