Mesh looks fine, Animation is messed up

TL;DR - My mesh looks fine but when I try to play its animation it gets messed up.

Rigged animated my mesh in Maya 2016, imported into Unreal. Had to set Roll to 90 and scale to 100 or so, in import settings.

Mesh looked fine, I did get a warning about the texture. When I went to check its animations, it got squashed and turned inside out. Anyways, I’ve attached some images. I tried a few things, please let me know if you have any suggestions.

When do you get the option to change the skeleton import settings? At the same time as when I select an fbx to import?

Did you set the same roll/scale when importing the animations that you set when importing the main skeletal mesh?

If not then it might explain why the animation plays back weirdly (with transform values of the joints being a hundred times smaller they all end up near origo “moved inside the head”).

Bump, has anyone had something like this happen? I couldn’t find anything as far as skeleton import settings go.

There’s transform import settings for each animation.
In the window where you preview animations (in your 3rd screenshot), there’s a “Anim Asset Details”, look for “Import Uniform Scale” and “Import Rotation” there.
You should be able to change those to match your skeletal mesh import settings and press “Reimport”.

(In general though It’s probably good practice to have your Maya scenes oriented and scaled in a way where you don’t need to apply transform changes on import, just to avoid general hassle later on)