Mesh/Lightmap Artifacts


I’ve been working on bring meshes over from Blender into UE4 and I’ve run into an issue with some of my more complex meshes. Some of them, when the lighting is built, develop dark spots (see attached picture) and I have been unable to find a solution that prevents them from occurring. Any thoughts on how to to get rid of these?


If you’re using an automatic method for creating lightmap UV’s then it usually produces bad results and you can fix issues by doing the UV’s yourself.

Ah, I see, thanks. Is there a way to edit the UV for the lightmap in UE? Or does it have to be done in software like Blender?

It has to be done with your modeling software. The most important thing is to make sure your UVs are not overlapping and have plenty of padding between islands.

I appreciate the help, thanks.