Mesh invisible and cameras

Hey to all,

I want create a cube visible on main camera but not visible on scene capture 2D (for Portal door effect), that’s possible ?

Thanks you !

Hello Chlamy,

So, from what you describe you want to move around with your main character and see the cube in your scene. Then you want to have a 2D capture to create a Portal effect.

To clarify, you are trying to spawn objects(portals) that have a 2D capture on them that replaces what should be int he scene and show another area.

If this is correct please let me know.

In order to fully answer this, I need to fully understand what your end goal.

I know this is possible. It is done through the use of a blendable post processing material. Essentially, it is called after the deferred render pass and called last to override the original base pass.

Please let me know if this is what you have intended for your project.



Yes, I want create the Portal door effect with Scene Capture 2D, but I have something that isn’t realist.

I want to do something like that :


Thanks you


Yes, this is possible. This is a tutorial for actual portals. This will allow for teleport between two places. What you can do is set up another world being called at exactly the same spot, that can be called with a screen capture that is attached to your door or plane in the door so that it shows that other world. Or you could add a film filter to make the screen another color. This world would be invisible and could be drawn only when you walk through the portal and such. That would take a whole other branch of code that you could look into.

Here is the code for the teleport. As I do not know other than the teleport your end game of your project, this is a great start to get you going on the movement between two places.


Other world, as in other location within your project. So say you can teleport to a different room with no door.


What are you name “other world” ? We are OK that what I want is 2 doors in the same room ?

Thanks for the link, I will use it when I will need it but now I just want create the visual effect, with Scene Capture 2D.
In first time, I thought that I can do this by put camera on position of the door but it isn’t possible like we can see…


The player don’t have the same angle that camera, so the camera must be at the same position of player.
But here we have an other problem…

Here we have the door, but trees in front of camera. So I must do transparents mesh for camera.

ok, thanks you, i will try this