Mesh inside UE4 made in blender seems to be hollow

Hello. Im new to UE4 ('ve been working on a project in this engine for past week and a half) and i’ve finally decided to import custom models into the game, that i can use as modules in creating a level environment. After i imported a mesh that my friend made in blender, in an fbx file, i saw that it seems to not be working as intended - some faces are hollow, depending on where you look at the mesh. I tinkered around with blender import settings, but the effect was the same. I dont know what can cause the issue, and wanted to ask if there are some specific settings for the model that needs to be done inside blender or when importing the mesh to Unreal, or is it the issue with creating the model - are there any tips/advices so that we can avoid this? How to make a custom mesh properly, without issues like that? Im posting screenshots below, one from blender view of the model, and 2’nd of how it looks like in the UE4 after importing it (i didnt get any error when importing it by the way). Thanks for every answer in advance.



hello !
it s just an inverted normal issue.
just invert normals in blender before xporting your fbx and it should be fine


Works like a charm, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

you re welcome ! just flag the answer as valid for other people