Mesh Importer (and similar) menu's too low.

whenever I import something… the import menu is like this.
Resulting in me having to drag it up a little.
Small pet peeve… but with hundreds and hundreds of meshes… this… can be quite an annoyance.

Please… PUHLEASE move the menu up 100 or so pixels.

This thing haunting me for years D:

truth ^^^

and very annoying

Hi folks.

I can’t promise when (or if) this will be changed, but I’ve logged a request for it which you can track here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-40352)


In the meantime I’ll ask (read: harrass) some of the local coders and the like to look at it as well :slight_smile:

I agree. (And I voted on the issue – you all should too).

Yep. This is so insignificant, yet quite irritating. Voted.

So the problem with this window seems to be to the Auto Center option and the multiple collapse panels. The Window creation does not seem to honor the actual size of the window when creating and centering in the construction part.

With that said I moved the Auto Center code out from the Construction part and moved it to before construction so we can determine the correct location before creating and it seems to have put a bandaid over the issue. Feel free to update your local source with this fix or submit a Pull Request or I really don’t care what you do with this if anything. This took me about 30 minutes of digging thru the code and testing the fix and I am just a lowly Blueprinter.

Change This on lines 81-83 of /Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/Fbx/FbxMainImport.cpp

		TSharedRef<SWindow> Window = SNew(SWindow)
			.Title(NSLOCTEXT("UnrealEd", "FBXImportOpionsTitle", "FBX Import Options"))
			.SizingRule( ESizingRule::Autosized );

To This:


		FSlateRect AutoCenterRect = FSlateApplicationBase::Get().GetPreferredWorkArea();

		const FVector2D DisplayTopLeft(AutoCenterRect.Left, AutoCenterRect.Top);
		const FVector2D DisplaySize(AutoCenterRect.Right - AutoCenterRect.Left, AutoCenterRect.Bottom - AutoCenterRect.Top);
		const FVector2D WindowPosition = DisplayTopLeft + (DisplaySize - FVector2D(450, 750)) * 0.5f;

		TSharedRef<SWindow> Window = SNew(SWindow)
			.Title(NSLOCTEXT("UnrealEd", "FBXImportOpionsTitle", "FBX Import Options"))

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awesome! thanks :slight_smile: You can have my cookies for an entire year!!!

/me looks stern at someone at epic to put that in :stuck_out_tongue: