Mesh import error

Im trying to import a mesh into ue4. I’m Trying to import it as a static mesh so i keep the skeletal mesh option unchecked in the import settings. When i press import an error called “unable to triangulate mesh” pops up and the mesh doesnt import. Can anyone help?

Sounds like you have a bad source mesh. What tools did you create it in, do you have a picture of it’s wireframe?

i actually didnt make it myself, i downloaded it from the internet

I would try importing the mesh into Blender. You might have to modify it slightly for it to work in Unreal Engine.

Then I’m definitely going with it being a bad mesh.

A lot of assets from sites like turbosquid look good from the screenshots, but are actually complely unusable or require so much work to fix that it’s quicker to just do it yourself.