Mesh Flicker/Jump on Mouse Follow

I am working on making/learning an RTS style game. I am at the point now (early on still) where I can select a “building” from the hud/widget, follow the mouse cursor, then place it into the world.

The problem I am having is as I move the mouse around the screen with the “building” attached, there are areas of the screen that cause the “building” to leave the mouse position and go to another area of the map causing a type of flicker effect. Regardless of where I am in the world/map, when the flicker occurs, the mesh goes to the exact same location on the map, which is slightly off-center from the start location.

Here are the images I captured, first one is the blueprint I am using and the other 2 are images of what I’m referring too. While the “flicker” is difficult/impossible to realize from a still image, you will get the idea. You can’t see the mouse cursor in the screenshots but in the first image you’ll see the area of the building. The second image I moved the mouse just slightly north of the image 1 position and the mesh jumps to the location you see in image 2. As mentioned, there are several locations in the viewport that causes this flicker effect.

If needed, I can make a quick video demonstrating what I am referring too but I think you can get the idea of what I’m talking about from the images; if not, let me know.

One last weird caveat is that if/when I change the angle of my camera to be less inclined, the flickering does not occur. I don’t know if the angle of the camera is what’s causing this or not but I’m not quite sure how it would be the culprit. I followed a general tutorial on building placement on YouTube and his buildings do not have this anomaly.

Any help would be appreciated!

I was able to get the issue resolved from answerhub, thanks to RimmyD. He figured that the hit result was turning up a null pointer causing the location of the mesh to go to (0, 0, 0). He suggested that I do a null check and branch it before the “SetActorLocation” node, which I did and now it works beautifully. There’s not even any sign of a “hiccup” when it hits a null trace/hit. For those who may be interested in the future of exactly what the difference is between the last setup and the working setup, here is the new image. Very simplistic check of a null from the “hitactor” of the trace and branch it off before the set location of the mouse.