Mesh Fading Component

So, I built this system for my own project and got to wondering if it was worth submitting it or not.

It’s a system for fading out a static mesh whenever it passes between the character and the camera. The only setup is putting one component on the PC and another on whichever Meshes you want to be fadeable.

Variables such as how transparent the mesh becomes, how quickly it fades in/out, and what materials it fades to are adjustable on a per-mesh basis, and it can handle multiple materials at once.

I have no clue if anyone would find this worth money or not, but figured it was worth finding out.

Pretty sure it will be useful to some so why not :slight_smile:

Extremely useful and it looks great

I would find this very useful!

How do you add the component to the static mesh? Is it only capable with blueprints and does it work with baked lighting?

You set it up as a blueprinted mesh, same as you would for any interactive object, and just drop one of the two “listening” components onto it.

It does not accept baked lighting, and i’m actually not sure if that’s even possible using this methodology since the mesh is dynamically changing between two different materials with differing lighting properties. If you set the mesh to “Light As Static” then the it will bake the lighting into the “solid” texture but, at least in my tests, will break the fading textures and simply display the default checked material. If you don’t check that box, it still receives some “lower quality” information from static lights, but It’s like working with an instanced mesh or any other dynamic object.

Yes, it would be quite useful plugin.

Since there seems to be some interest here, I’m working to expand the functionality and make it even more useful.

While I am sadly not a wizard able to accomplish anything, if anyone has requests then I’m happy to look into it and see if they’re within my ability.

It’s a really good idea, well done :wink: