Mesh export issue: parts are missing

Sometimes, when I export a mesh, the PLY or OBJ has rectangular holes, as if some of the mesh parts were not included.

When I export the same mesh again, all is fine.

I can’t reliably reproduce the error in any file, but it has happened several times with the same file, too.

This is not a big problem, but just annoying, as it can cost significant time to go all the way back and re-export, especially when only a small part of a huge model is missing and I have already done extensive post-processing.

There seems to be no logical trigger - I normally do not touch anything during export, so closing the project too early or so is not the reason.

hello, something like these?

That link gives lots of results for holes in the mesh in RC:

That is NOT what I have: my holes are ONLY in the exported mesh, and only sometimes.

where do you display the exported model - in which software do you see the holes in your RealityCapture-created models?

I see them in Rhinoceros 5.0 and in GOMinspect (in small files GOM loads well) and in the file size. There simply are parts missing that are present in RC.