Mesh errors when lit

hi all!

I’m doing a little bit of prototyping for the upcoming unreal tournament 4

Here is the problem;

I made myself a quick pillar to use in blockouts.
(made using bsp and then convert to static mesh in the editor)

Now i get something like this when i rebuild all.

as you can see the places marked with x don’t read very well.

What could be the issue and how can i fix it. (please try to make an effort to explain in laments terms. (previously i have worked with UED1 only))
Extra documentation on the subject is welcome too! (don’t really know what to call it. so another topic may be active here, i just could’nt search for it)

when i would design something like this in 3ds and import it to the editor as fbx. … are there more suprises like this to come?
or do i edit some specific stuff in 3ds before exporting? I have made quite a few rocks now, using hourences rock generation method. But i wonder if those are ready to go in as they are…

Thx !

Do you get any errors/warning after you have build your light? + before you build the light it looks right? :slight_smile:

-Add a lightmass importance volume
-Increase the lightmap resolution
-Place a point light beside those black spots so that we know if it’s completely black or just a little bit darker

In 3ds you just have to create the mesh + a lightmap (://). After that everything should work fine (as long as the lightmap is right)

hi ,

Nope i’m not getting any errors in the map check.
lightmass importance volume is in place.

I had to bump up the lightmap resolution from 4 to 128 in order to get the effect i wanted.
I saw some assets with a lightmap res of 256 so i think this will not be an issue? (just extra filesize with higher value right?)

Anyway it fixed my problem.
Thx !
Ps; keep doing what you do, Alot of good video’s and explanations by you on youtube!

Between between 32 and 256 everything is fine -> but the lightmap resolution also depends on the size/complexity of the mesh :slight_smile: When you create them in a 3d program, try to keep them as small as possible -> the light build wont take so long, a smaller file size,…