Mesh emitter misses the first loop.

I’m currently creating a particle effect for a destroyed container consisting of 1 mesh emitter of the box’s corner flying away (copied 7 more times for each of the corners) and skimming along the ground, and a the same time, a burst of glowing orbs similar to sparks bursting out from the centre.

Due to the nature of this particle, I want it to simply loop once then die. However, the mesh emitter completely misses the first loop. When the loops are set to 1, nothing happens, when set to 2, nothing spawns on the first loop then the second loop spawns the meshes.

When I set the loop delay to 0.1, then the 1st loop spawns,but not until the end of the loop and this continues for the second loop.

Ideally, I’d like both of the particle effects to loop once then stop with the particles spawning as soon as the particle is created.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the emitters together with their respective delay setting, sorry for the poor quality it was assembled hastily in paint.

Thanks for any help in advance and if there’s anything you think could be causing the problems that I haven’t mentioned feel free to ask for more info.

It’s because I used 8 different mesh emitters instead of a burst count. I would have liked 8 different emitter so that they could emit from the corners of the box separately but using the burst count is fine too.