Mesh Editor Not Showing

Have black textures after light rebuild, so trying to rebuild UV lightmap right? After Googling it says install

these plugins, Polygon Editing, so I did and restarted, but I’m not seeing the tool bar at all. Can I get some ideas? Attached in a screenshot (from internet) of what I’m trying to see.

If you’re trying to do things with lightmaps, you definitely don’t need that! :slight_smile:

After double clicking on the mesh ( in the content browser ), you get this sort of display:

Your UVs ( which tell unreal how to position the material ) are on channel 0:

The lightmap UVs ( which the engine uses for storing lightmaps on the mesh ), are made by unreal when the mesh is imported, are on channel 1:

They should look sort of logical. If they look like a spider on speed has crawled all over the place, something’s wrong.

Having a black mesh after light build could be a number of things, including missing or maladjusted skylight, and / or sphere reflection capture.