Mesh Editor Collision LocRotScale data window

While in the static mesh editor, you can add collision boxes/spheres/capsules, which you can select and edit further.
However, you only get the XYZ arrows/halfcircles when moving/rotating/scaling them, with no further feedback/guidance.
Could we get a LocRotScale transform section/floating window like in the main window where we can view/edit the data directly?

Currently, adding a collider defaults to one that envelops the entire mesh.
If your mesh is rather large, rescaling it with just the mouse takes forever and is fiddly as hell.
Duplicating a collider offsets it along all 3 axes, again with no way to just easily fix and reposition it.

Hey Turfster,

Thank you for this great suggestion on how to improve UE4. I have submitted a feature request, which can be referenced as: UE-15677

Have a great weekend!