mesh editing in UEd

It would really be much more efficient if Epic would provide basic mesh and texture editing capabilities within UnrealEditor instead of developing and updating stuff like
datasmith, which is multiple times the workload. e.g.

  • export-plugin for each 3d program,
  • multiply by: keep up with each release/version of each 3d program and have another updated export pluging
  • multiply by import-update for unreal for each new release of the export plugins.

Also it would be much better if Epic does something like the mesh-tool from the marketplace, as only Epic can do this right. Its not much work and would only have to be updated by the Engine releases of Unreal. Gosh, i could imagine buying old/small 3d programm code for once and integrating it in Unreal would solve the permanent problem for 90% of use-cases of requiring external 3d programs for simple mesh+texture modifications.

Are you serious?! Autodesk, Foundry and Blender already got it right and much better than any engine’s built-in modeling tool would be. As someone who spent more than a decade using Blender, I can tell you I will never be satisfied with UE4’s mesh tools as a replacement for Blender.

MeshTool from the marketplace already does the job well as far as tweaking existing meshes and whiteboxing a level. If someone needs to do serious modeling, they really should learn one of the 3D packages available on the market.

Thank God this is hopefully coming soon, I’m tired of hearing people say to learn 3ds Max or Modo, some of us just don’t have the patience or skills to 3d model something in those programs, saves you time if you’re doing everything in engine anyway

I think Geo 2.0 has own uses and it will be BSP replacement in future and hopefully more advanced little bit. Blender 2.8 + UE4 will be great combination in future.

It takes time to make Geo 2.0 stable enough by EPIC as mesh editing is very complicated core process and could cause editor crash very easy.